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I need to pdf a series of forms (approx. 60) set up vertically in a line in a single worksheet.
The macro for doing that in itself is not an issue, however, there are one of four criteria applicable to each form (1-4) that apply.
I need to be able to pdf only the forms that satisfy criteria 1 or 2 or 3 or 4.
Any assistance as to how to do this would be appreciated.
Mike VellaAsked:
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Martin LissOlder than dirtCommented:
Select Case True
    Case <Criteria 1 satisfied>
       <Show PDF>
    Case <Criteria 2 satisfied>
       <Show PDF>
    Case <Criteria 3 satisfied>
       <Show PDF>
    Case <Criteria 4 satisfied>
        <Show PDF>
End Select

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pls try something like this
Select Case <Criteria>
    Case <Criteria 1 satisfied>, <Criteria 2 satisfied>, <Criteria 3 satisfied>, <Criteria 4 satisfied>
        <Show PDF>
End Select

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Mike VellaAuthor Commented:
Thanks to both respondents for their assist.
I ended up creating 4 macros (1 to 4) to take care of this rather than the one with the options.
With the associated code to cover the naming and filing of the PDF’s and the number of forms (I misspelled in my question - it was 160 forms not 60) it needed to cover - I have previously had issues where I created macros too long to run, so splitting made it easier to create and control.
End result works great.
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