if incorrect time then I can not use internet properly

desktop computer

If the time is not right then I get ssl warnings with every browser
No connection to google earth pro

I try in ie, firefox, chrome

experts-exchange looks different

does not matter for me if time is correct
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Rob KnightConsultantCommented:
Yes - encrypted connections, such as SSL, use certificates which have an issue day and expiry date. If the time on your device is wrong, then it's possible the certificate won't have been issued.

some encrypted connections require the time to be no more than a few minutes different.

On Windows, you.can create a scheduled task which forces a time update:

RaminTechnical AdvisorCommented:
If a website presents a certificate with a validity period that doesn't match the current value of your system's clock then your internet Browser can't verify that the connection is secure and therefore opens a "Your connection is not secure" error page.

More Details:
Hello ThereSystem AdministratorCommented:
An explanation from Mozilla Support:
Certificates used by websites which are considered to be secure (their URL begins with "https://") are only issued for a certain period of time. If a website presents a certificate with a validity period that doesn't match the current value of your system's clock, Firefox can't verify that the connection is secure and therefore opens a "Your connection is not secure" error page. Some methods to validate that a certificate hasn't been revoked also depend on your system and the webserver being set to the correct time.

Such issues can be fixed by the correct setting of the date, time and time zone on your system.

If the website allows it, you can add an exception to be able to visit the site, despite the fact that the certificate is not trusted by default:
- On the warning page, click Advanced.
- Click Add Exception…. The Add Security Exception dialog will appear.
- Read the text describing the problems with the website. You can click View… to closer inspect the untrusted certificate.
- Click Confirm Security Exception if you are sure you want to trust the site.

More info here.
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Hello ThereSystem AdministratorCommented:
Sorry Ramin. It took me a while to get the post above together so I missed your post.
is the date/time incorrect?  then you may havea low bios battery - it should read 3V min
Derek SouterITO Svc Delivery Cons IIICommented:
while it may not matter to you if the date/time on your computer is correct, it matters to the internet, and to the operating system.

as nobus says, if the CMOS battery is low, then the date/time will be reset when the motherboard loses power (or when you reboot)

as RobMobility has said, you can create a scheduled task to set the time by an internet time server (there are also small apps you can get that will do it for you - like this one - http://download.cnet.com/Atomic-Clock-Sync/3000-18512_4-14844.html)

the date (and to a lesser extent, the time) of your computer needs to be accurate, otherwise internet sites will not work properly (as you have found out).
Mitul PrajapatiIT SupervisorCommented:
Check the link below and set the time sync with internet time.

rgb192Author Commented:
So I have to manually approve every certificate or fix time?
Derek SouterITO Svc Delivery Cons IIICommented:
Yes, as I said, the date is the important bit more than the time.  But the time is also fairly important.     A certificate is valid from a certain date and time, to a certain date and time.   Your computer checks that the current date and time it thinks it is, is within the valid range for the certificate.    If it is, then the certificate is valid and will proceed, if not, you get a warning.

There is no way round it, and you would not want there to be.

So, check the CMOS battery on your motherboard (should be a CR232).  And if you don't know how to replace it, put some software on your PC to automatically sync the date and time with the internet time servers.

Or get used to manually setting the date and time on your computer.

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did you check the bios battery - as i asked you ?
post results plse
Derek SouterITO Svc Delivery Cons IIICommented:
correction - the battery should be a CR2032 not a CR232 (typo)
rgb192Author Commented:
I think this answer was the best because it explains fix and why error exists. It is necessary that time matches certificate for my safety.

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