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Sam OZ
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I need to check in an excel 2013 sheet the following
    Column  F has desired values  (in multiple rows)
     Column C has extracted values  (in multiple rows)

I need to make sure each cell in column c is one of the value in column F
I could try  formula  =IF(COUNTIF(F3:F14,C4),"Yes","No") in column D  and it works
But the problem is, When I copy formula to next row, say row 5 the range also increments
 On row 5, I SHOULD get =IF(COUNTIF(F3:F14,C5),"Yes","No")
But Instead I am getting now on row 5 =IF(COUNTIF(F4:F14,C5),"Yes","No")  - The range also increments after copy

Is there an alterante solution?
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try use $ sign in case you want to refer to fixed range.

see if this worked for you?


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