making the project for small mart.need to take the input from the bar code scanner .and show it in the text box.then summ upp all the price.and make the invoice.

i am making the project in c# form.n i have no idea how to take the input from the bar code scanner and show it on the text box.i don't even know that .what is the output of the barcode scanner.?kindly help me in making the structure. and bar code scanning..Thank you.!
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David Johnson, CDRetiredCommented:
bar code scanners usually return text from the upc code i.e. the numbers underneath the bar-code so you'd need a database with the index of the upc code that returns the item name and the price and probably taxable or not.
MUHAMMAD FURQANAuthor Commented:
so is there any list avalible on the internet for the upc code  or  any list that i can make the database for the products ?
Fernando SotoRetiredCommented:

Bar code scanners will have a API, Application Program Interface, which will allow you to interact with the scanner for receiving data from it or controlling the scanner. So you need to know which scanner you are using and have installed the API on your system. Have you done this?

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MUHAMMAD FURQANAuthor Commented:
no i haven't done this yet..!
Fernando SotoRetiredCommented:
Well you will need to do that first before we can help. Also the scanner should come with a user guide giving information on what you need to do to interact with the scanner.
David Johnson, CDRetiredCommented:
creating the database is the longest and most time consuming item there are a few lookup sites i.e. but they are far from complete.  Also in your database you'd want to create your ordering system that integrates with your suppliers system so you can keep your price up to date.
at the receiving dock you would scan the case i.e 24 - 100ml widget and check if you have 100ml widget in your inventory? if not then add it otherwise Quantity on Hand += 24 and possibly the location i.e. warehouse, when you move it from the warehouse to the shelves then you'd scan it out to the shelves location. at the checkout you'd remove the item from inventory and lookup the customers price. and add it to their invoice/receipt.

Periodically you'd check the store shelves and compare the shelf space allotted and generate a restock list to the warehouse.

If you reach a reorder quantity then you'd generate the purchase order/shopping list and order from the supplier.

you'd also want to know how long an item takes from the time you order it until it hits your receiving dock the aim being that you never run out nor do you have excessive amount on hand.  i.e. if you normally sell 1 item per day on average and it takes 14 days from the time you order until you receive an item once you hit 14 on hand then you reorder. The optimum is that you receive a new shipment just as the last item gets sold out the door this way it can go directly from receiving to the shelve and bypass warehousing.

You have to do a periodic full inventory since items get stolen (known as shrinkage), damaged (no longer sellable), items get put on the wrong shelves, people make mistakes scanning in and out.
Fernando SotoRetiredCommented:
Information posted on what is needed to accomplish the task.
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