Excel 2010 64-Bit Formula Bar incorrect highlighting

Hi, I have a spreadsheet that has begun highlighting in the formula bar incorrectly.
This issue occurs on multiple PC's.
An older version of the spreadsheet is fine on the same PC (all PC's) see Normal vs Weird gifs.
I've compared the macro's using vbadiff to see if this could be code related.
I've compared conditional formatting rules
I've opened and Repaired the file
In the settings I've tried:
-word wrap on/off
-Live Preview on/off
-Enable background error checking on/off

Ran out of idea's hoping someone has seen this before.
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Mike in ITIT System AdministratorCommented:
Do the formulas still work the same or do they error out?

Can you attach a copy of the offending workbook so we can take a look?
supportguy99Author Commented:
The formula's work fine its is entirely a display issue ... it also displays the cursor in the wrong place which causes editing issues and the main driver behind wanting to resolve.

Unfortunately due to the sheets contents I'm unable to attach it as is ... I'll try to strip everything out and attach a 'blank' problematic version.
Mike in ITIT System AdministratorCommented:
A blank version that still has the problem would be helpful for troubleshooting.

I've not seen this exact thing before, but I have seen and fought with the cursor being in the wrong place and messing up editing. Usually, when that happens to me I have to delete what is in the cell, format as "Normal", and then manually type everything back into the cell to get the cursor to show in the correct spot.

I don't know how many cells you are talking here so that approach may not work so well. If the whole workbook is this way you may have to recreate the whole thing to fix the problem. And not copy and paste anything from the old otherwise you could end up copying whatever is messing up the old one to the new one.

Before doing that though, if you could remove sensitive data, or just change it to be random alphanumerics so I can get the gist of what is there and attach a file that will help me with troubleshooting the issue.
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supportguy99Author Commented:
So I performed the following:

Added new sheet see if issue is on new sheet. (It was)
Removed one of the original sheets, go to new sheet to see if issue still exists (It did every time) ... Repeat until no sheets remain.
Removed a VB Module, go to new sheet to see if issue still exists (It did every time) ... Repeat until no VB modules remain.
Saved and reopened sheet .. issue resolved.

I will continue to try and isolate sheet and function but there are many sheets and code so will take some time ... open to any suggestions where a known cause may exist. I.e. a function or bug operating on the formula bar.
supportguy99Author Commented:
Humm ... you have sparked an idea there ... seems the style doesn't offer an 'Normal' ... I'll look into that further. It just offers pages of 20% accented .. see attached gif.

Unfortunately its a considerable number of cells.
supportguy99Author Commented:
Ran the style cleanup code supplied by MS and the issue resolved ... will take some time to check if the sheet is unimpacted visibly but initially seems good.


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Mike in ITIT System AdministratorCommented:
It should have a "Normal" see the image.
NormalIf it doesn't that tells me that someone setup custom formatting. And since it doesn't seem to be working in the newer version it is probably something that is no longer supported or the naming has changed between versions.

If the style cleanup code worked then it was almost definitely something that was put in as a custom style that was causing the issue.

Based on what I see in that code it is resetting all the built-in styles and removing any custom styles.
supportguy99Author Commented:
Thanks Mike  for all your help. Issue resolved.
supportguy99Author Commented:
Contains the details on how to fix.
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