Crazy things going on - delete all of the notes it clears all the check boxes?

I created a simple 5 table db on FMP


right now I only have scopesheets with a relationship to ceiling.
this is the relastionship


I can start to input info without any problems.
I can input notes, with the time and date stamps without any problem.

But if I delete all of the notes it clears all the check boxes...

Very crazy, cant understand why it's doing this...

Can someone please help me to how to fix this and why it is happening so that I don't make this mistake again.

Juan PineiroAsked:
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Will LovingPresidentCommented:
Are the fields that "disappear" such as "Materials" in Ceiling or Scopesheets? If Ceiling Materials is in the Ceiling table along with Notes, then yes, deleting all the notes is going to delete the Ceiling data which will be associated with the first note that you create.

And just from a structural point of view, why are you creating a separate table for ceiling? In most cases, if there is only one Ceiling record per Scopesheet record, meaning a one-to-one relationship, then you most likely don't need a separate table and those fields should simply be in Scopesheet, albeit on a separate tab if you like.

For Notes, that looks like a one-to-many relationship, one scopesheet ---> one or more notes, so you do need a Table for Notes.
Will LovingPresidentCommented:
Which table are the checkbox fields in? They should be in scopesheets if you want to retain their values. If they are in the related ceiling table, which sounds like it's actually a Notes table, they will be associated with the first Note and will disappear when you delete the note.
Juan PineiroAuthor Commented:
Hi Will

I just started to redo the db, thinking it was a something  that went wrong.

Hoping more then anything that will would correct itself if I started over.

To my disappointment its still doing same.

To answer your questions

on this DB there is only 2 tables Scope sheets andCeiling

On the scope sheet I created a tab control in that tab control I inserted a portal that points to ceiling.

same thing if I delete all notes on the portal it deletes the info checked of which is part of the ceiling table also....


Are you saying I need to have a notes table so that this will not occur?
Juan PineiroAuthor Commented:
Thank Will that worked !
Juan PineiroAuthor Commented:
Thanks Will that worked.
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