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Need help with Windows Easy Transfer from Windows 7 to Windows 7

Hello again.....

Yesterday, I used the Windows Easy Transfer program to move 85.1 GB of information and programs from one Windows 7 computer to another (yes, that number is correct; took the whole day). I plugged in a brand new USB-USB cable for use as the easy transfer cable and zipped right through the Easy Transfer process.

Today, I ran the built-in recovery system restore program on the "FROM" computer to get rid of what appeared to be some system glitches that inspired my actions. The system restore re-installed perfectly and I ran a couple of simple tests that confirmed the glitches were no longer affecting using the computer.

Then I set about to run the Windows Easy Transfer again, to put back most of the data and such FROM the computer I transferred it all to yesterday on to the other one that inspired the transfer/restore.

And now we have the problem: I can't get the machines to work using the Windows Easy Transfer program. With both computers on and the program running on both, it gets to the point where it is supposed to establish the connection between the two, but won't do it. I've made a number of attempts, rebooted, and all else seems well, but they just won't make the connection without hassle like they did yesterday.

The hangup seems to be making the connection between the two computers which as I say worked so well yesterday.

What am I missing?
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Check the first computer (the one you are now try to transfer TO) in Advanced Network Properties that it is using Private (not Public) network connection and that Network Discovery and File/Print Sharing are both ON. You must restart if you change these settings.