Installing Server 2016 in Server room


I have to install Server 2016 in server room.

There have been a Server 2013 in the machine; I have to wipe it out or install in it; get the space as many as possible; i was given the USB flash drive with ISO of Windows 2016.

1) Am I able to do it by logging in to the machine; find the above USB drive there; double-click the above ISO file?
2) Or other things? Please specify

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
If you have a backup of the existing server (2012?) , then you can start with the Server 2016 ISO, install it and set it up.
Brian BEE Topic Advisor, Independant Technology ProfessionalCommented:
If possible it is better to install from fresh. Back up the old server if required, boot off the key and wipe the server before installing the new OS.
Check the server info to see whether there are HW for which you may need drivers, cards, etc.
Server vendor make.
Are you trying to do an in-place upgrade from 2012 to 2016 or a fresh install of 2016.

Is the server currentlly a stand alone, or a member server in the AD domain.
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tjieAuthor Commented:
Hi John & Brian:

1) I do not need to backup anything related to existing server 2012

2) My question is only related to the installation (which i am still confused)

3) For the installation: Can i just login to the existing server 2012; find and double-click the ISO files of server 2016?

Cliff GaliherCommented:
No. You either need to make media from the ISO. While new versions of windows can mount an ISO file as virtual media, it gets dismounted during reboots  making that unsuitable for most in- place upgrade scenarios.

Some servers do have hardware level support for treating ISO files as virtual drives, such as HP iLO enterprise packages, but you don't manage that within windows and still isn't a double-click effort.
Qlemo"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
Cliff, AFAIK Windows setup creates a large folder with files exactly for the purpose not having to rely on ISO media on reboot ... No inplace-upgrade would work if you were correct.
Dariusz TykaICT Infrastructure Specialist Senior Commented:
I think the easiest way (if your server supports booting from USB) will be to create bootable usb stick with Windows ISO using Rufus. More info you can find here:
Brian BEE Topic Advisor, Independant Technology ProfessionalCommented:
Sorry I misunderstood, I thought you had a bootable server 2016 USB key. If it just contains the ISO file, the best thing is what Darius said. Copy the ISO file to your desktop, then use Rufus to turn the USB key into a bootable windows 2016 install and follow what I said before.

You can't just make a DVD out of the ISO because it is too big.
tjieAuthor Commented:
This is a Dell Server
Anybody knows the phone# of Dell Tech Support which handles the Server please

JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Which dell, using Dell support, you can see whether there are Windows 2016 support deals with whether you can get drivers for primarily your raid controller that can then be booted and have the drivers loaded before proceeding with the install. Main driver needed is commonly the raid/storage controller, once installed, other drivers network, graphics can be loaded ..

The other, if the server in question is supported for 2016, getting the build and update, is Install assist, etc. can be used to boot the system, ..

You could also update the system and use the life cycle to deploy the OS. The life cycle will stream the drivers needed will be provided through .....

Updating the system to the most current firmware, life cycle could help.
The path you wish to take can be net by the tools available on the support site.

You have not specified the model, so it is ...

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tjieAuthor Commented:
Hi Arnold:
1) Dell Power Edge T310
2) Just got to know: warranty has been expired
3) where can I get the drivers for Raid/Storage controller, network & graphic for this server?
4) I just executed the ISO files, and it needs the CD Key....where can i see the CD key of this server?
5) Thanks

tjieAuthor Commented:
I am closing it now, and will open a new related issue. Thanks all please

The system does not go beyond 2012 under Dell support terms. Nothing preventing you from using the 2012 drivers to see whether the 2016 will be able to boot and access the storage and then the other components...

if you can download the server update utility It is between 8 and 10Gb in size, you could use the dell repository manager to create the drivers needed only for your system, but this data stored on a USB stick, can then be used to update your server firmware,lifecycle, etc.

and attempt to install 16 on that.
Depending on your need, if this is a test/development to familiarize yourself with 16, use the 2012 you have as a hyper-v host onto which a guest 2016 ..
tjieAuthor Commented:
Hi Arnold,

1) I am not familiar with the category of the drivers
2) As per your direction, i need the drivers for the followings:
   a1) Raid Controller driver
   a2) Storage Controller driver
   a3) Nerwork driver
   a4) Video or graphic driver

3) Here are the categories which are in the Dell web site:
Drivers for OS Deployment
Embedded Server Management
Fibre Channel
iDRAC with LifeCycle Controller
LifeCycle Controller – Legacy
Removable Storage
SAS Drive
Secure Systems Management
Serial ATA
Systems Management
Tape Automation
Tape Drives

4) Please tell me which category for # a1, # a2, # a3 and # a4

depending on what your setup sas-raid if you have a raid controller, sas non -raid if no raid controller (check the existing to see what your "scsi controller" in the device manager reflects..
Perc H200/H300, H700 etc. sas raid is what you would need.
perc 5 or 6 might be (perc 6 more likely than 5).

The network covers the network, you either have an intel or a broadcom (qlogic BCM)  you can get both.all, expand only no need to install.

Or you could download the "Dell OS Driver Pack" search for video under all categories.

download the ISo and then mount ISO as though it is a CD .. and then copy off the data onto a USB. make sure if these are zipped to extract them.  .....

this should include all the possible drivers for T310...

note Dell termed support for the T310 at windows 2012....
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