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What VBA code could I use that  would validate someone has access to a file on a network.


If Access to N:/FIle1/Files/Statistics/Analysis.xls = True, then
   continue code,
   msgbox "No access to the link."
End If
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pls try
Function IsFileOpen(filename As String)
    Dim filenum As Integer, errnum As Integer

    On Error Resume Next   ' Turn error checking off.
    filenum = FreeFile()   ' Get a free file number.
    ' Attempt to open the file and lock it.
    Open filename For Input Lock Read As #filenum
    Close filenum          ' Close the file.
    errnum = Err           ' Save the error number that occurred.
    On Error GoTo 0        ' Turn error checking back on.

    ' Check to see which error occurred.
    Select Case errnum

        ' No error occurred.
        ' File is NOT already open by another user.
        Case 0
         IsFileOpen = False

        ' Error number for "Permission Denied."
        ' File is already opened by another user.
        Case 70
            IsFileOpen = True

        ' Another error occurred.
        Case Else
            Error errnum
    End Select

End Function

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Refer to https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/291295/macro-code-to-check-whether-a-file-is-already-open



Thanks Rgonzo!

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