Setting up Meeting room calendars for everyone to be able to book?

hi guys

We have an Exchange 2010 environment. We have Room Mailbox's set up for our meeting rooms. However, we would like people to be able to see the calendars for these meeting rooms and just be able to book it by themselves. At the moment, it is all going through our receptionist which is annoying for them.

We have set up the Room Mailbox's and given full permissions to people. Is that enough?

Thanks for helping
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FOXConnect With a Mentor Active Directory/Exchange EngineerCommented:
 You want to remove the receptionist as the delegate.  So that there are no kickbacks and the bookings go in clean.

View the current settings of any room mailbox in Question with powershell
Get-CalendarProcessing "emailaddressofroommailbox"  | fl

Clean it up so every one can book

Set-CalendarProcessing "emailaddressofroommailbox" -AutomateProcessing 'AutoAccept' -AllowConflicts $False -ResourceDelegates $Null
-BookInPolicy $Null -AllBookInPolicy $True
MaheshConnect With a Mentor ArchitectCommented:
you have setup delegates in room mailbox pointing to ur receptionist
change setting to "automatically approve request based on availability"
YashyAuthor Commented:
Thank you Fox and Mahesh for this. I've just applied the settings in the Exchange shell.

Is there a way of making the calendar appear on everyone's outlook automatically?
whenever u setup meeting recipient will get message in terms of notification / meeting request
YashyAuthor Commented:
Yes, but you should also be able to see the Calendar of the meeting room in your Outlook and just go in there and book a time slot and save it and close, without sending a meeting invite.
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