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I am getting this error while sending email to user outside of domain

what changes should I do at my end to get the email received at user end
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Jose Gabriel Ortega CConnect With a Mentor CEO J0rt3g4 Consulting ServicesCommented:
What about this:
Error 554:Certificate rejected over TLS.
This message occurs when the onward mail server fails to verify the appliance's identity using TLS certificates.

Log on to the appliance management console.
Select Email, Encryption, Encryption Settings, TLS.
Under TLS connections when sending email (gateway is acting as a client), locate the topmost entry matching the onward mail server.
If the option Authenticate Self is not set, change it to When requested and select an appropriate certificate.
If the option Authenticate Self is already set to the correct value, confirm that the certificate used is appropriate and valid. If the problem persists, confirm with the administrator of the onward mail server that it uses the appropriate root and intermediate CA certificates. These certificates are the ones used to generate the certificate for the appliance.
IMPORTANT: By default, this option is set to When requested for the "*" entry. If the option must be disabled for the default entry, you can create a new entry based on the FQDN, domain name, or IP of the onward mail server or the domain name or IP address of the recipient email address. Apply settings as explained above.


Or :
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