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We have been having some storage issues lately in one of our sites, and this has cause alot of replication issues with Exchange DB copies in that site. I was wondering should I just power those servers office until the storage issues are completely resolved, and if so how long is an acceptable time frame for leaving them powered off? Also is there a suggested process to keep them from continually trying to replicate or cause issues for Exchange in the other site if we leave them on? This is exchange 2010 - 2016 servers.
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you can suspend replication for databases copies in that site
once issue got resolved, you can resume replication one by one with some interval to avoid heavy traffic and network chocking
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If you feel outage is going to take a long time to fix, like days or week, best to remove the replica and reseed them again from scratch. If it is a short outage, just leave it, Exchange will replicate, once everything is restored.

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