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Local drive visible in explorer but cant see in diskmgmt.msc

I have a windows 10 PC with a single disk split into various partitions. c and d drives are visible in explorer but I also have an f drive in explorer that I cant see in diskmgmt.msc. There is no partition assigned the letter f.

In explorer its says f is a local drive but I dont know where that is.

This is a new HP business desktop PC. There are no usb drives or anything like that attached.

Any ideas?
2 Solutions
Could also be a storage media reader (if it's empty, and you click F:, it will tell you it doesn't work).
If the media reader is empty, then F: will be indeed in the Explorer (depending on the drivers of the media reader, some types only get a drive letter AFTER media is inserted) and NOT in drive management (since there's nothing to report).
Open cmd and launch

Open in new window

Does that show any output?
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Have you checked if the cardreader slot is active? You can go to BIOS and try disabling this reader device there and check if the F: disappears.
In Windows Disk Management it should be shown similar to DVD-ROM device. No partition but at the left on grey line the drive letter assigned.
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roy_battyDirectorAuthor Commented:
When I click on f in explorer it displays what looks like an empty drive. It displays the drive size as around 2GB and that  1.6GB is free, as if something is stored in there. I dropped a test word file on the drive and I can see just that file in explorer.

What I really want to do is give it a different drive letter. Something other than f, as I have a network drive that the user needs access to that needs to be f also.
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Can you post here a screenshot of your windows disk management?
roy_battyDirectorAuthor Commented:
OK found it. Noxcho was correct.

It was marked as recovery partition in diskmanagement (one of 2 recovery partitions??) .

There was no letter assigned to it in diskmanagement. Why would this be?
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
A ghost drive letter or the drive letter was assigned in some third party program.
You can use Diskpart tool from Windows to remove that drive letter. See here how: https://www.disk-partition.com/diskpart/assign-drive-letter-4125.html
Recovery partition if it is empty was created by HP for some needs.
roy_battyDirectorAuthor Commented:
Noxcho pointed me in the right direction but my commend was the most accurate summary in this case
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