Deploying App with inno script

I have a App attached to a SQL MDF database.  Inno Script supports .net 45  The database is version 852.(2016+) MsSQLLocalDB will only run version 782database.   since inno script doesn't check for or install dotnet46, or the local db version, how do either:
ADD the new files to connect to this database or
Is there an existing script for the new version of dotnet.

OR should i consider a different installer.  This is not an area of my expertise and this will be installed on many different machines as a local APP.   I could use some advise.  Thanks
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Vadim RappConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm not a pro in innosetup, but looks like this script is the answer to dotnet 4.6:

That said, regarding deployment of Microsoft frameworks and such, the best practice has always been to avoid bundling them with the product, mostly because they often get their own updates, security fixes, and such, so one year down the road their installation is likely to be different from what it is today, which means that you will have to follow up and update your installation whenever Microsoft updates theirs. Installations of Microsoft own products usually check if prerequisite framework is installed, and if not, they tell the link to download from, and exit.

As an alternative, you can install Microsoft package by command line called from the product setup like this:

<path>\NDP462-KB3151800-x86-x64-AllOS-ENU.exe /passive /promptrestart

More details at
Vadim RappCommented:
So, what do you need to install with your product - dotnet 4.5, or sql server express, or both?
williamj67Author Commented:
The problem i have is that INNO only has dotnet4.5 included i really need to install 4.6 if i do that, i need to install the localDB for 4.6 as well to insure that the database will run.  The 2014 version of MSSQLLOCALDB won't connect to the database and i really don't have a way to reduce the version on the database.  i need an MSI file for MSSQLLOCALDB for 4.6 and dot net 4.6 script for inno.
williamj67Author Commented:
I think it makes sense for me to keep the dotnet separate as you mentioned.  Thank you for the link.
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