how do you dual boot windows 10 and Ubuntu

I just got Windows 10 and Dagon naturally speaking 13 (aka dns).  can you dual boot 10 with Ubuntu?  i like linux for the free stuff but I like Windows because I think (?) they make better games.  i say they are better but i have heard of, but haven't tried, a Ubuntu game engine called Smoke.  currently, my OS is Ubuntu and i was about to overwrite this with 10, because i think windows has to be installed first.   the expert john hurst mentioned using VMWare player as an alternative to dual booting.  i need dns because i have ms but i like free stuff of ubuntu.
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NVITEnd-user supportCommented:
So, Why don't you get VMware?
Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
You need to play with nomodeset parameter, disable secure boot in BIOS.... and it is not an easy task.

What GPU is in your computer?

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dwcroninAuthor Commented:
why  that's an onest question, not  sarcasm.  jackie man, i wil look

jackie man,
how do i find the gpu?
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dwcroninAuthor Commented:
Joe FulginitiNetwork EngineerCommented:
You could also boot linux from a flash drive and use it from there.  Might be easier and safer than modifying your windows environment.
Using VMWare will be a bit less work than Dual Booting.   It's easier to just use multiple VMs than multiple boots.  I had 3 different Windows versions and 2 linux at one point.  Having separate disks makes multiboot setup a bit easier too, so the flash drive suggestion could work more easily.

Alternatively, can some of those games run in wine?  That would require much less resources than a VM.

In the old days, it was just easier to dual boot because VMs were quite irritatingly slow.  Windows is usually installed first, because that usually came with the computer and Linux installers can easily configure the 2nd partition and load Windows with Grub.

You can install Windows after linux, but it will require quite a bit more work to properly create an additional partition and install Window correctly onto it.  Then you have to understand C:\boot.ini and how to make it load linux correctly.  Again, it's easier done onto a separate disk.  That was back before EFI and GUID partitions, so there are additional things to worry about now and I haven't multi-booted since then.
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