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GPO not applying mapped drives for some users

GPRESULT /Z reports that the 'Office Drive Map' Group Policy has been successfully applied on our Terminal server. However, for a handful of users they are receiving no mapped drives.
GPUPDATE /FORCE yields no result; rebooting the Terminal server proves unsuccessful too.
I have 3 other group policies that are being successfully applied across the board so I've been stumped with this one for the past couple of weeks.
Any thoughts, suggestions - fire away!

Many thanks
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Distinguished Expert 2019
enable group policy loop back processing with replace mode in GPO attached to terminal server servicing map drives and check
Simon FanningIT Operations Manager


It would appear that this setting plus a couple of forced GPUPDATES did the trick... I've been battling this for quite a time.. thanks so very much!!
Distinguished Expert 2019

Loop back processing ensure that no matter who logged on to computer / server, policy will apply