Brother Control Center 4 - how to create a desktop icon

We've used Brother Control Center 4 for a long time now. All of our users have a desktop icon for it and use it for scanning. We just upgraded a few PC's and now they have the latest version of Control Center 4. It works the same as the older version except we can't create a desktop icon to launch it. (There's no shortcut to it in the Start Menu either.)

We can launch it in a couple steps via the system tray or Brother Utilities but we'd love to have the convenient one-step launch of a desktop icon.

We have several other computers here with an older version of CC4 and we've tried replicating their desktop icons (accounting for any changes in folder structure) but it doesn't work.

Can you advise us on how to create a desktop icon for it?
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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
You didn't specify what version of Windows is in use, but this procedure works on XP:

  • Right click anywhere on the desktop.
  • Select "New" from the drop-down menu.
  • At the right, select "Shortcut" from the context menu.
  • In the shortcut wizard, browse to the location of the program to run.
  • Select "Next".
  • In the name box, type in the name of the shortcut.

If desktop personalization is disabled, or if the desktop is locked, it will not be possible to create shortcuts.
According to this Brother support page, you can launch it either from the Task Tray, or from the Start menu. It does not list a Desktop icon.

The following should work but. as I don't have your printer, I have to make a guess at the program location. To create your own desktop icon, start Windows Explorer, and go to either C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files(x86). There should be a folder for your printer, in which you should find Control Center. Drag it to the Desktop with the right mouse button. When you let go of the mouse button, select "Create shortcut here". Rename it to suit.

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right click the software in start you want to make an icon for and select more>pin to taskbar
is that acceptable?
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micheal johnPrinter Support ExpertCommented:
According To Brother Support, you Aren't Able to Create desktop Icon Only Able to create

1) Desktop Shortcut icon
2) Pin in Taskbar

Desktop Shortcut icon:
            Just "Drag and Drop" the Brother Control Center 4 [CC4] icon on your Desktop.

Pin Taskbar
             "Right Click" the Software.
             Select more -> Pin Taskbar.
             The Icon will be shown on Taskbar.
jrmcanada2Author Commented:
My problem is that Control Center doesn't show up in the Start menu at all. When we ran the full installation package for the printer (it's MFC-L5900DW and the full installation package was 354 MB), the only thing it added to the Start menu was a Brother folder with a Brother Utilities icon in it. If we click that icon, it launches the Brother Utilities app and one of the options in that app is to launch Control Center.

We were hoping for a way to launch Control Center directly instead of having to first launch Brother Utilities and then launch Control Center from there.

I have tried the various .exe files in the \Program Files (x86)\Brother\ControlCenter4 folder but none of them launch the Control Center window.

The reason I'm asking at all is that a year ago we bought other Brother printers and they came with Control Center 4 (although I suspect an earlier version). When we ran the full install for all of them (a year ago), it created many more icons in the Start menu and one of them was to Control Center so I could just copy that to the desktop. So all of our users with the older printer have Control Center on their desktop but the three with the new printer no longer have it.
what printer model is this?
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
No further input.  Points split among contributors.
Johnny SmithCommented:
There should be a CC4 icon in the system tray (you may need to click the up arrow to see hidden files in the tray).  You can't copy that to the desktop, but you can drag it down to the task bar area of the system tray where it will be visible at all times.  Just double click that icon to open control center directly.
Dan Bar-OnCommented:
I have the Brother MFC J870DW printer and Windows 7 Pro.
I think can be valid for other printers also
On Windows 7 Pro go to: C:/Program Data/Microsoft/Windows/Start Menu/Programs/Brother/MFC-J870DW
You will find the shortcut CC4, right click on it and click on sent to desktop
Dan Bar-OnCommented:
An other solution for win 7 is
Click Start or Start (Start button) => (All) Programs => Brother => XXX-XXXX (your model name) => ControlCenter4. The ControlCenter4 window will open and also the "CC4" icon will be in the task tray.
Dave AlbaneseCommented:
You can create a BAT file with the following command:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\ControlCenter4"\BrCcBoot.exe /model="MFC-J5520DW LAN" /OpenTab=0x01

Please note that the file path (double quotes required to escape spaces) and model will need to reflect your environment parameters in order to execute successfully.  Please reference the "ControlCenter_Scan" property in your XXX.ini file where XXX is the printer name in your Brother\BrLauncher directory for specific details.

Once the BAT file is working, you can then create a desktop shortcut to launch the CC4 Scan application in a single click.
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