online faxing

what is difference between

which are owned by j2

is there a file size maximum
because both use same software
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Bill BachPresidentCommented:
MetroFax is about 1/2 the price, and you lose: 24x7 support (Metro has support 06:00-18:00 PST), unlimited fax storage (Metro has 30 days only) and a decent mobile application.  If you don't need any of these, save money with MetroFax!
Bill PrewCommented:
A current review of each can be found here, including differences.  MetroFax seems to be a lower function lower cost alternative, and eFax the larger solution.

Here is the pricing of Metrofax plans:
The Essential Plan offers 500 pages and is just $7.95 per month.

The Value Plan offers 1,000 pages and is just $12.95 per month.

The Professional Plan offers 2,500 pages and is just $35.95 per month.

eFax has much broader offerings, and appears to be the "premium" service. For example, if you wanted a smaller plan than Metrofax's Essential plan, eFax offers that. However, they also charge more. eFax also has offerings for those who require HIPAA compliance, as well as for large companies. Additionally, eFax offers better support.
rgb192Author Commented:
storage is well described

thanks for other links offering other comparisons also
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