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I'm looking for some advise on my network up-link configuration.

I have single Cisco 6500 series acting as a core/distribution switch in my network. Its Equipped dual Supervisors and multiple 1gig line cards.

My access switches are primarily Cisco 2900 Series in a stacked configuration.  Each switch stack has 2 up-links back to the 6500 Core and i am curious what is the best approach to configuring these up-links is ?

should i port-group these trunk links and create a cross-stack Etherchannel ? does this have any implications / downsides ?
or should i simply leave them as independent up-links and allow Spanning-Tree to control them.
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Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
Don't know why this post has been open so long?

Yes in your situation I would Port-Channel the two uplinks into the 6500 (on separate line cards), and the stack end from different stack members. This is the most reliant, and allows for a card and switch failure.

Personally I stopped putting loops in networks and letting STP handle resiliancy , quite a few years ago :)

Z1ggyAuthor Commented:
Cheers, my networking is a little out of date so just wanted someone to confirm my thinking was correct.
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