Hash Map Using Plsql

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Is there a way in Oracle pl/sql that I can create a data-structure like java Hash-map which can have a record type as value and String as index.

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MIHIR KAROracle DB beginnerAsked:
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sdstuberConnect With a Mentor Commented:
yes, an associative array with a varchar2 type as the indexing value

an example might look something like this...

    TYPE yourrecord IS RECORD
        n    NUMBER,
        d    DATE

    TYPE hashmap IS TABLE OF yourrecord
        INDEX BY VARCHAR2(50);

    yourmap   hashmap;
    yourmap('abc').n := 1;
    yourmap('abc').d := SYSDATE;

    yourmap('xyz').n := 2;
    yourmap('xyz').d := SYSDATE - 3;

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MIHIR KAROracle DB  beginnerAuthor Commented:
Thank you Very Much !!
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