gow awk to split file in windows

I have a csv file in wondows and I have installed GOW to allow me to use linux commands to split a file

I need to copy the header record and place that into each split file and have that split file go to a split directory

so my file is here>>
data/current load/testing.csv

I would need to have it split to the following directory
data/current load/spit/

and then I need to make sure I have the header record copied over to each split file

what I have so far is
so here is my input csv file name testing.csv

head -n 1 "F:data\current load"\testing.csv > header_file

tail -n +2 "F:data\current load"\testing.csv > data_file

split -d --lines=1000 "F:data\current load"\data_file "F:data\current load\split"\data_file

at this point i have created all the split data files

ls split\data*

my set of instructions are for each file

copy header_file split\*

cat split\data_file16 >> split\header_file

rename split\header_file split\data_file16.csv

rm split\header_file

so first I am looking for a way to read all the data files names to be able to loop through my second part of the process

and ideally I am sure there must be a single line to do the same thing that I want to do using some sort of awk command
Jayesh AcharyaTechnichal ConsultantAsked:
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simon3270Connect With a Mentor Commented:
This will split the file into 100-line chunks, printing the first line of the input file to each of the output files, with the output files having a fixed prefix and a numeric suffix (e.g. aaa0000 aa0001 aaa0002 etc):
awk 'BEGIN{lc=0;pref="aaa";fc=0}
NR == 1{hdr=$0;next}
{if (lc == 0){fn=sprintf("%s%04d",pref,fc);print hdr > fn}
print $0 > fn
if (lc == 100){lc=0;fc=fc+1}}' input_file_name

Open in new window

Change the prefix value (currently pref="aaa"), the number of digits in the suffix (currently 4, in "%04d") and the number of lines in each output file (lc == 100) as you wish.
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