Server will not update time correctly

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TIme on one of my servers is not staying synced

I run w32tm /query /source and get Local CMOS clock
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Need more info - you're clearly on a windows network.  If you have an Active Directory then you have a specific server that is designated as the PDC for your network.  That server should be configured to synchronize it's time with an outside time source.  All other servers should be synchronizing with that server.  Try these commands to set the proper config and force synchronization with the PDC:

w32tm /config /syncfromflags:domhier /update
net stop w32time
net start w32time


Hello Deb,

Yes windows 2012 environment, ran commands on the problem server and  i also just ran w32tm /query /source on our PDC and it too came back with Local CMOS time as its source.

Which is the opposite of what you explained it should be "communicating externally"

Can you please help me set the PDC to communicate externally with an outside time source?
Here's an article that walks through all the settings you need and/or may want to make on the PDC:

It looks like someone in the past may have done the first part - configuring the server to use an internal clock.  DON'T do that, but follow the steps to configure the time server to use an external time source
There are a number of different external time sources that various admins use.  I use the following:, 0x1 on my servers.  This synchs with the National Institute of Standards time servers in a round-robin way that uses whichever server(s) are available at any given time.

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