DNS responds to unknown host query with the DNS Server IP

G'day Experts,

DNS Server IP is and
The zone is ActiveDirectory Integrated and exists on two servers.

Ping a known good hostname and receive the correct IP. (Ping VanHalenrocks.mybiz.local replies with
Ping an obviously wrong hostname and receive the IP of the DNS server. (Ping JustinBeiberRocks replies with

I've checked the forwarders list to make sure just the external DNS servers are there. I've checked the names servers. I've never even heard of this behavior before so I am coming to you for help.
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Brandon DubeConnect With a Mentor Director of ITCommented:
Are their any A or cname records that are wildcards *.mybiz.local points to that ip or to the name of the server?
footechConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you have a wildcard record?
Cache42Author Commented:
There is a * that points to mybiz.local. Mybiz.local of course resolves to the domain controller.

After removing those entries from both primary and secondary, the issue is resolved. Thank you both!
Glad to hear.
Please remember to close the question.  Thanks!
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