Can't get fields on a datasheet view form to get in the right order

I'm using the following code to get fields in a datasheet view form to appear in the right order.  But no matter what I do, txtGrossCWT won't appear in the 3rd column.  Am I doing something wrong?

    Const TWIPSTOINCHES = 1440
    Me!txtLoadID.ColumnWidth = TWIPSTOINCHES * 0.875
    Me!txtReceived.ColumnWidth = TWIPSTOINCHES * 1.25
    Me!txtGrossCWT.ColumnWidth = TWIPSTOINCHES * 1
    Me!txtTW.ColumnWidth = TWIPSTOINCHES * 0.75
    Me!txtFM.ColumnWidth = TWIPSTOINCHES * 0.75
    Me!txtCleanCWT.ColumnWidth = TWIPSTOINCHES * 1.125
    Me!txtMST.ColumnWidth = TWIPSTOINCHES * 0.75
    Me!txtShrink.ColumnWidth = TWIPSTOINCHES * 1.125
    Me!txtNetCWT.ColumnWidth = TWIPSTOINCHES * 1.125
    Me![txtSplits&Dmg].ColumnWidth = TWIPSTOINCHES * 1.125
    Me!txtPrice.ColumnWidth = TWIPSTOINCHES * 1.125
    Me!txtGrossCWT.ColumnWidth = TWIPSTOINCHES * 1.125
    Me!txtTotal.ColumnWidth = TWIPSTOINCHES * 1.125
    Me!txtLoadRecordID.ColumnWidth = TWIPSTOINCHES * 0

    If TWIPSTOINCHES * 1 > 0 Then
        Me!txtLoadID.ColumnHidden = False
        Me!txtReceived.ColumnHidden = False
        Me!txtGrossCWT.ColumnHidden = False
        Me!txtTW.ColumnHidden = False
        Me!txtFM.ColumnHidden = False
        Me!txtCleanCWT.ColumnHidden = False
        Me!txtMST.ColumnHidden = False
        Me!txtShrink.ColumnHidden = False
        Me!txtNetCWT.ColumnHidden = False
        Me![txtSplits&Dmg].ColumnHidden = False
        Me!txtPrice.ColumnHidden = False
        Me!txtGrossCWT.ColumnHidden = False
        Me!txtTotal.ColumnHidden = False
        Me!txtLoadRecordID.ColumnHidden = True
    End If

    Me.txtLoadID.ColumnOrder = 1
    Me.txtReceived.ColumnOrder = 2
    Me.txtGrossCWT.ColumnOrder = 3
    Me.txtTW.ColumnOrder = 4
    Me.txtFM.ColumnOrder = 5
    Me.txtCleanCWT.ColumnOrder = 6
    Me.txtMST.ColumnOrder = 7
    Me.txtShrink.ColumnOrder = 8
    Me.txtNetCWT.ColumnOrder = 9
    Me.[txtSplits&Dmg].ColumnOrder = 10
    Me.txtPrice.ColumnOrder = 11
    Me.txtGrossCWT.ColumnOrder = 12
    Me.txtTotal.ColumnOrder = 13
    Me.txtLoadRecordID.ColumnOrder = 14

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Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
Perhaps that textbox is missing the ColumnOrder property?

See how to set it here: ColumnOrder
SteveL13Author Commented:
It is there right under...  Me.txtReceived.ColumnOrder = 2

But I'll check out the link you sent.
NorieAnalyst Assistant Commented:
How/where are you using that code?
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Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
I believe, that if you adjust the width manually (with the mouse), the property will be created automatically.
SteveL13Author Commented:
Norie...  in the onload event of the form.
Gustav... its not the width that is the issue.  Its the column order.
SteveL13Author Commented:
I changed the bottom part of the code to this and the 3rd column STILL won't appear in the right place.

    Forms!frmAssemblySheetHeader.Form!subfrmAssemblySheetDetail.Form!txtLoadID.ColumnOrder = 1
    Forms!frmAssemblySheetHeader.Form!subfrmAssemblySheetDetail!txtReceived.ColumnOrder = 2
    Forms!frmAssemblySheetHeader.Form!subfrmAssemblySheetDetail!txtGrossCWT.ColumnOrder = 3
    Forms!frmAssemblySheetHeader.Form!subfrmAssemblySheetDetail!txtTW.ColumnOrder = 4
    Forms!frmAssemblySheetHeader.Form!subfrmAssemblySheetDetail!txtFM.ColumnOrder = 5
    Forms!frmAssemblySheetHeader.Form!subfrmAssemblySheetDetail!txtCleanCWT.ColumnOrder = 6
    Forms!frmAssemblySheetHeader.Form!subfrmAssemblySheetDetail!txtMST.ColumnOrder = 7
    Forms!frmAssemblySheetHeader.Form!subfrmAssemblySheetDetail!txtShrink.ColumnOrder = 8
    Forms!frmAssemblySheetHeader.Form!subfrmAssemblySheetDetail!txtNetCWT.ColumnOrder = 9
    Forms!frmAssemblySheetHeader.Form!subfrmAssemblySheetDetail![txtSplits&Dmg].ColumnOrder = 10
    Forms!frmAssemblySheetHeader.Form!subfrmAssemblySheetDetail!txtPrice.ColumnOrder = 11
    Forms!frmAssemblySheetHeader.Form!subfrmAssemblySheetDetail!txtGrossCWT.ColumnOrder = 12
    Forms!frmAssemblySheetHeader.Form!subfrmAssemblySheetDetail!txtTotal.ColumnOrder = 13
    Forms!frmAssemblySheetHeader.Form!subfrmAssemblySheetDetail!txtLoadRecordID.ColumnOrder = 14

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SteveL13Author Commented:
I found my mistake.  I had the same column in the code twice.  Should have been more careful.
You don't actually need code at all.  When the form is open in design view, press the Tab Order icon on the Design ribbon and choose auto Order.
SteveL13Author Commented:
Pat.  I know you are correct.  But I wanted to set the column widths also.  Maybe I didn't even need to mess with the VBA code for column orders. ??
Column widths is a different problem.  The DS design interface is broken these days and it will not remember the widths you specified at design time reliably.  Every once in a while, I manage to get a form to remember the widths I want but sometimes I fail miserably and the multiple steps that worked last time, no longer work.  So, for now, you will need code.

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Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
I had the same column in the code twice.

Oh, missed that.
SteveL13Author Commented:
Good to know.  Thank you.
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