Trace missed call notification on Skype for business 2015 Cslogger

Hello Team,

I want to track the missed call notification on Cslogger skype for business 2015 tool.

Please suggest how to trace it

we have skype onpremises 2015

Addy NadiaExpertAsked:
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Blue Street TechLast KnightCommented:
Hi Addy,

Make sure you meet all the prerequisites:
  • You are using the tool on a computer that is a member of the domain where the CLS (Centralized Logging Service) is running. The tool is not currently supported in Remote PowerShell sessions.
  • The Default.tmx file from the tracing folder (the folder where tracing data is captured for the CLS) and Snooper must be copied in to the same folder where the CLS Logger tool is installed.

CLS Logger is used to capture SIP diagnostics and troubleshooting for root cause analysis to performance problems issues - is this what you are looking to do? I'm not sure I understand what you want to do by tracing missed call notifications?

You can search the logs by selecting the Search CLS Logs tab and click the Search Logs button after filling in the displayed fields as described below:
Log File Folder- The folder to save the results of the log search. (Required)
Log Level - This determines the lowest level that will show up in the results. For example if Warning is selected, only Warning, Error, and Fatal will be shown. Defaults to Debug.
Pools Computer pools to perform the log search against, these are the parent nodes the tree view. (Required)
Computers Individual computers to perform the log search against, these are all the child nodes in the tree view. (Required)
Start Time The time period where CLS will query the logs from. (Required)
End Time The time period where CLS will stop querying the logs from. (Required)
Components Used to select which components to add to the query. (Optional)
Call ID The Call ID of any SIP dialogs to be filtered by. Note, this field uses exact matching. (Optional)
Conference ID The conference ID of any conferences to be filter by. Note, this field uses exact matching. (Optional)
IP Address The IP address that to be filtered by. Note, this field uses exact matching. (Optional)
Correlation IDs Trace statements that are logically linked together by this ID. (Optional)
Phone Number Filter by phone number. (Optional)
SIP URI Filter by SIP URI. (Optional)
SIP Message Content Contains Filter by SIP message contents, this will substring search within this field. (Optional)
Match Any Searches using a logical OR if checked. Defaults to Exact match of all parameters.
Skip Network Logs Skips searching any network logs if checked.

Read this so see if it sheds some light on what you are looking for it to do:

Let me know if you have any questions!
Michael HaywoodCommented:
Hello Addy,
If you want to track the missed call notification on skype for the purpose of business then you can easily do this with the help of various reverse sites.

As I also do the same from Reverse South Africa because I am the residency the residency of South Africa. You can also choose the reverse company of your country, which will help you to track all the details of that person who miscalled you.
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