Server 2012 R2 to 2016: SYSVOL, NETLOGON replication issue

SYSVOL and NETLOGON are not replicating.

Checked to make sure I didnt forget how to migrate DCs with this guide:

Didnt have any issues promoting to DC. FSMO is moved to new 2016 server. Still have the AD roles on the old 2012 server.
Seems the SYSVOL share was created, but there is nothing in the folder. Server 2016 has two NICs that are teamed. Would that be causing an issue? IPv6 is turned off. Both servers are looking at each other for secondary DNS address.
Rebooted both servers a couple of times.

Checked the old "source" server and there isn't anything the NETLOGON folder. If I try to access the share, I get an access denied error.

Attached dcdiag log.dcdiag.txt
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
Teaming wouldn't break anything. Did you check the health of the AD *before* promoting the new DC? Why did you disable IPv6? Definitely some odd questions arise from your post.
SBSWIZARDAuthor Commented:
AD health was ok.

Disabling IPv6 was something recommended by an article that resolved the issue.
Cliff GaliherCommented:
Well the article you linked to didn't suggest checking health at all. So it couldn't be assumed.  You didn't really describe your environment which makes the dcdiag log not useful.  I don't know what server is what, and realistically you'd run that on BOTH servers and look for discrepencies.  Randomly though I see mention of DFS client being disabled, some lookups hitting and (google servers, not AD servers), and small things similarly that make me think the environment is not configured properly and may not have been even before the promotion.  A new DC basically won't light up its shares until it is determined healthy, and it can only do that if the existing DCs are healthy.  That's what I'm seeing now.

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SBSWIZARDAuthor Commented:

Windows Server 2012 Std: DC/file share being migrated to a Windows Server 2016 DC/file share. Simple environment. Nothing crazy is setup. No idea if 2012 server was migrated from pre-existing server (inherited client). ADSIEdit doesnt show any other DC's hanging out, neither does AD Sites. Health check was ok. I did run on both servers.

DFS is running, not sure where you're seeing that it's disabled. I see where the log states that could be a cause, but not that it's disabled.

Other than Sysvol/netlogon not replicating to the new server, everything appears to be working as intended.
SBSWIZARDAuthor Commented:
Found the issue to be a mounted backup on the backup server from another tech was left live and somehow wiped the group sysvol folder on the main server. Restored files and checked logins/gp. Everything seems ok now with the sysvol folders.

Sorry for the confusion on the original question.
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