Credit card hacking - Is Paypal the only way to pay online ( a must)


I have had my cards hacked enough times to get really annoyed.
I receive balance sheets with card purchases in Rhode Island, or California, and I live in NC !

I paid with Paypal today, which means, my card was never exposed to direct hackers, I think.
Is that correct? VISA always refunds these fraudulent charges ( >$5,000, total, one time, over a few months)
Do hackers steal my paypal login?
Must I always do (card) online payments with paypal? I'm sick of cancelling cards for safety's sake
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Phil PhillipsDirector of DevOps & Quality AssuranceCommented:
One thing to keep in mind: it's not only online shopping that can get your card data compromised.  For example, thieves have been known to install card skimmers at gas stations/ATMs. Or, a retail store can have their own systems compromised as well (i.e. Target a couple of years ago).

That said, using something like PayPal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, etc. can help prevent your card data from getting stolen when shopping online, since the card data isn't shared with the merchant. Though, I would definitely recommend setting up two factor authentication if you haven't already. It'll add an additional layer of security to your account. Using PayPal as an example, they have PayPal Security Key:
Stacy RichardCustomer Relations Commented:
A credit card can be compromised long before you realize.    PayPal as well can be hacked.   Here is a great article to read
beavoidAuthor Commented:

Worse than I thought
I should go live in the woods on the perimeter of my community.
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