Has the RTS / game AI coding space been saturated?

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I finished our colossal collaboration of a network game with a central server, a while ago. I will convert it to python now that I'm shifting to it as well. Is that unadvisable - python might not be optimal for a game server?

I know that MIT had an RTS AI coding contest, before.
There's also ORTS, open rts
There seem to be many similar links on Google.
The MIT contest was geared to a confusing, un-watchable mess of a game, in my opinion.

Do these types of contests have any traction? now? Any of them non-college?
I have many ideas, some non 3D war.
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AI is a massive growth area currently, so anything you do to learn about this and figure out what "building an AI" really means is probably time well spent.  It's certainly not "saturated" in the sense that the problem of being great AIs for playing games (or solving other complex problems) is "done".  It's more that there's been a sudden surge of progress recently because now AI systems can be trained on enormous neural networks that run on GPUs on cloud servers - something which just wasn't practical a few years ago.  As a result those systems are performing vastly better than they did a few years ago.  Just check out AlphaGo for instance.

So definitely worth exploring the area and learning what you can.  The reason for these contests is to find a way to evaluate different AI approaches against a common goal and ideally one that people agree requires intelligence to play - like a RTS.

So dive in.

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Thanks Doug.


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