Error 1329 You are not allowed to sign in Pulse Secure

Hi everyone, i was connected to a VPN for a few days and everything works fine. But yesterday, from overnight, the client Junos Pulse Secure starts giving me the error 1329 while i was trying to reach a connection to the server.

I work with this VPN in different computers but it just throw me that error in this one ( which, by the way, is the last one i start using).

I'll be grateful if anyone can bring me some light over this.

Felipe CordovesAsked:
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Jim JohnsonCommented:
Windows updates on Jan 3rd caused issues like what you are describing.  Refer to this link:
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
have you paid for this service and only 1 computer connecting using that account? Your trial may have expired
Felipe CordovesAuthor Commented:
You were right By the time I read your answer, I had already solved this problem by downloading the latest release version

Thanks for the help.

Anshita NidhiCommented:
I am facing similar issue.I downloaded the latest version but still problem persists.Whats the solution to this?
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