vmware 6.5 U1 iscsi multi path policies?

Hi,  I have just upgraded to VMware 6.5 U1 and the gui is driving me nuts!  I also have some compatibility issues with the SANs I have attached via iscsi.  Is there a way to have multiple default policies for Multipath, one for one SAN and one for another?  If so how do I do it in v6.5 web client or vcentre?

Many thanks

EricIT Systems and Asset ManagerAsked:
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You can create additional SATP claim rules is this is what you are referring to..

EricIT Systems and Asset ManagerAuthor Commented:
Wot no comments??
EricIT Systems and Asset ManagerAuthor Commented:
It gives the result I was after, they don't make the syntax easy though :-(

Many thanks
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