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I have a 48 port HP office connect 1920 switch.  I am trying to learn some switch config and want to purchase a low price HP switch that I could connect up and go through a configuration.  If I have little knowledge on how to do this would I be able to look through the settings on the 1920 and duplicate them or would I need some outside IT assistance?  Also, any ideas on if there is a low price switch that HP sells that would work for this?  I would only need an 8 port.
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masnrockConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You could look the 8 port version of the 1920S: https://marketplace.hpe.com/pdp?prodNum=JL380A%23ABA&country=us&locale=en&catId=12883&catlevelmulti=12883_4172267_4172281_1009689650

Not sure if you can download the config in the web interface, but that might be one option for how to transfer.
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