DID Port Request Question RE: PRI's

I Need Assistance.  We exited from long term PRI Contract back in July to a small company out of NJ.  They had tons of porting issues and outages to the point that we reached out to Verizon and engaged them as backup bidder to exit the contract with them due to breach of contract.  We send the disgruntled company an exit letter and tell them we are leaving Jan 31st - they are a small company and have a melt down and are threatening disconnect on the date we provided - Jan 31st.  

Verizon sends them a Port request for the DID's and they have not responded for days.  I also send them a request for confirmation and they also do not respond.

How do you deal with a vendor that wont respond to a DID Port Request ?   is there anyway Verizon can somehow force the porting since they actually go through them anyway ??

 Any insight you can provide would be greatly appreciated!
William BromleyAsked:
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Ken BooneNetwork ConsultantCommented:
So that is not a good situation for sure.  What you are experiencing is pretty normal.  In general, port requests take 3 to 4 weeks normally.  Them not responding for several days to the port request is not unusual.  Your problem however is that you need these numbers ported by Jan 31st.

The reality is that a port only takes a short amount of time to perform once both parties are engaged but they really get you on the coordinated scheduling of this port.  

If you don't hear from them in a few more days, I would have your higher up head over to see their higher up and tell them look here is the deal.  You guys screwed up, so be it.. are you gonna work with us to port the numbers or not by our due date?  If not you can talk to our lawyers and also let them know how they respond to you will also be advertised to everyone else in your business circle. It can be positive in that yes they acknowledged their issues and are working to correct for future customers and worked with to smoothly cut over to a provider than can provide the service we need.... or .. they suck so bad.. bad attitude, their stuff doesn't work, and they are totally unprofessional.  If they are a small business they can't afford that kind of street talk.

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File a complaint with the FCC is also an option
Ken BooneNetwork ConsultantCommented:
And the better business bureau!
We send the disgruntled company an exit letter and tell them we are leaving Jan 31st - they are a small company and have a melt down and are threatening disconnect on the date we provided - Jan 31st.  
Is this really a threat given you actually specified a date? From what I'm reading, it sounds like you didn't want their service after Jan. 31. So if they disconnect that day, they can point to your letter.

What would've been more ideal is saying you want to go month-to-month. It doesn't specify a date of termination, so if the port takes longer than hoped, you still have service. (Tip for porting numbers away from providers: Work with the new company, not the old one)

But since we're in the situation that you've cited... make sure you have all of your issues documented, and communications in writing. Try contacting the current company, and see if the issue can get fixed (part of this might turning around and asking to go month to month). And as already mentioned, report to both the BBB and the FCC. Be ready for the instance of your service getting disconnected since it's so close to the 31st. They might be bluffing, but better to be ready for the worst case scenario.
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