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base system error

I have just imaged a T430 Lenovo laptop with the OEM CD's and all my drivers are fine but one under other I have base system drivers missing. I did the update and it found nothing. Looking through Google that is about all I find. The laptop works fine but it is a little older and I want to make sure nothing points to my hard drive as I did see disk errors but ran a full check disk and the errors are now gone.
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Dennis Miller


I will. I am out right now doing other computer work and will be back in an hour. I will post it then. Thanks.
John, it actually did work using the driver update. It must have just done this and I never re-opened the driver box to see as I never saw an answer to the driver update. The first time it told me that it could not find a driver. This was all curious as I used the OEM set of CD's that should have contained all drivers needed. Thank foir your quick help. I will make you a genius soon enough.
Thank you for your gracious comments and I was happy to help you this. I am glad it is resolved now.
Never a problem. You deserve it.