Outlook 2016 - Exchange Keeps asking for credentials

I know this question has been asked before but I looked through these and I still have not been able to fix this.  I have a client with 3 users.  All users have been working fine for a long time.  Now one of the users keeps getting a prompt for the password.  The system is attached to Exchange.  I have the following list I checked through:

•Outlook is configured to prompt you for credentials - Checked and it is not set to prompt.
•Incorrect password cached in credential storage - checked and verified password through OWA, all is correct.
•Required Authentication Settings for outgoing server and incoming server - It is an Exchange server so it gets its info through autodiscover.
•Outlook Anywhere is not configured to use NTLM Authentication - Not a valid option when I go to the security tab.  Cannot change this.
•Corrupt Outlook profile - recreated the profile but still get the same error.
•Slow or unstable network connection - only one workstation gets this error so I doubt this is it.
•Antivirus programs - I disabled the AV and still get the same prompts.
•Shared calendars - They do use shared calendars but I am not sure how this would effect it.  They all have access to each others accounts.

So I have gone through all of these and nothing works.  I have also deleted and manually recreated the credential.  I have called their hosting provider and he has no answers.

This is very annoying and I will give things a try if I get some possible answers.
Christopher MostPresidentAsked:
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Have you updated Outlook/Office to a latest version? It is a known issue and was fixed in one of MS Updates. See for example here for more technical background.
Do you have access and control over the Exchange server? What version of Exchange is it?
Valentina PerezExchange ServersCommented:
Hi Christopher,

Only one user is affected by this issue?

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Christopher MostPresidentAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the delay but I got distracted by some other customers.  This is just one user that is affected in a small office of three people.  I believe it is attached to Exchange 2016 but I will verify from the provider that is hosting this.

I will also double check and make sure the Office program is full updated.  It was working fine so it seems that an updated may have caused this.  That is when I recreated the profile but she still gets the same problem.  I appreciate the responses!
Christopher MostPresidentAuthor Commented:
OK, been sick but the Office products are fully up to date.  However the system just started to work.  Not sure if another update came out but it is working now.  I had another error but that was due to a misspelling but that was corrected after the pop up vanished. I gave everybody an assisted solution for you help.  I appreciate the help!
Valentina PerezExchange ServersCommented:
Issue seems to be solved as the author informed
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