make my brother hl-l2340dw print in ubuntu 16.04

i asked this before and i can't solve it again.  where do i get the driver and cups wrapper (???) to make my printer work in ubuntu 16.04?    i had it working before and didn't write it down.  it uses a usb cable.  i have no drivers.  it is a new install of the os.
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When you accepted my answer to your earlier question, you said that it works.

Please tell us what has changed, why it no longer works. I assumed you had downloaded the driver and installed it, so why do you need to download it again? If you do, the link I gave in my answer still works.
dwcroninAuthor Commented:
the printer did work in ubuntu.  i accepted your answer because you guys said that it didn't have to use a network printer.

1) again, i have ms
2) i get lifted out of bed with a hoyer by my brother or sister and put in my wheelchair
3) i sit at the computer at my desk until lunch
4) after lunch i get moved, by hoyer again, from my wheelchair to a recliner where my b or s moves a wheeled medical stand over to me with my computer.
5) my brother bitches and moans about the usb chord.
6) i was just hoping to make it wirelessto shut him up.
7) i told him i need the chord and heshut up.
dwcroninAuthor Commented:
got it!!!!!!

go to
and fill in:  linux, deb, download all 5 files, after that i followed  brothers instructions from their installer tool
after that rememberi chose 1 and just followed f9r about 3 hours.  it n8ow prints  :)

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Sorry to hear you have MS. That must make your life rather difficult. I'm glad to hear you're not letting it get you down, though.

To make the printer work with a WiFi connection, you will need the LPR driver from the same link I gave.

You will also have to make sure that the printer has a valid IP address (which the LPR connection will use). The printer's IP address will need to be a static one as a DHCP address can change at any time; if it does, the connection will fail. The best way to set a static address is to reserve on for the printer on the router. How to do this depends on your router model, but you will need to start by logging in to the router. Then you will find it somewhere in its menu. You will need to know the printer's MAC address for this, and the easiest way to find it is to print a configuration page.

Setting the printer up to use hat address is described in this Brother document. It gives a couple of methods, but I recommend using the WPS button on the router. That avoids having to enter passwords.

If not using WPS, one possible issue is that the document states that the printer uses WEP encryption. That is rather old, and newer routers will default to WPA or WPA-2, which are far more secure. You may have to change router settings to enable WEP.
Our comments overlapped, but I'm glad to see you have it sorted out.

That is still the link I gave you in the earlier question, and does not give any details on how to set the printer up for WiFi...
dwcroninAuthor Commented:
thanks for the compassion.  I've liked coding since i was 12. i'm now 48.  i'm not REALLY good at it but experts-exchange is where i spend most of my time.  i'm getting a new RAZOR BLADE because i need the hard drive space for DRAGON NATURALLY SPEAKING.  typing with my left index finger get's tiring. i'm looking forward to typing by voice.  i know ubuntu better but i'll learn widows 10.  
dwcroninAuthor Commented:
hdhondt did answer my question.  please give him the points.
dwcroninAuthor Commented:
thank u all for trying.  brother had the answer.
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