router and switch with VLAN

Hi all,

I'm looking for a bit of help getting started with my HP 1820-24g switch .

my network plan :

sophos router eth1(lan and i configured the sophos router so : new interface eth4 ( mit VLAN ID :10 function.

i also sophos router configured dhcp scopes for to 200

so i connected sophos eth4 lan cable  -->switch port 1

so i have the native vlan 1, and  vlan 10(port 1-10 tagged) for lan  on the router.

my problem are:
1. if i change sophos interface(eth4)  Vlan funtion to only ethernet and i connect my laptop port 7 then get my laptop IP from sophos router dhcp server.

2.if i change sophos inteface (eth4) only Vlan fuction (vlan 10),then my laptop gets no ip from sophos dhcp server.

any idea and help?
Thank you
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Dirk KotteSECommented:
i don`t understand why you configure VLAN, if only one LAN network is used.
but...i'll try to help
you connect sophos (UTM/SG?) eth4 to port 1 at the switch.
this part seems correct UTM-eth4 and switch-Port 1 use VLAN10 tagged.
for the notebook you need an accessport (untagged) within vlan10. (or you have to configure tagged vlan within the NB ... bad idea)

your native vlan1 at eth1 is not connected to the switch ... correct?
It connects to the ISP?
needs needsAuthor Commented:
Hallo Dirk
Thank you for your help. I just want to learn it how Trunk and VLAN

on Sophos(astaro 425) configured:

eth0 (local LAN Interface)
eth1 WAN (from vdsl modem IP)

I just want to learn : how can i configure VLAN on Sophos and HP 1820.
so i configured : eth4 is emty Interface i just wantted to use.

Sophos configuration: Interface eth4 and VLAN ID:10 configured.
2.connect cable from Sophos eth4 to HP 1820 Switch port1( tagged)
3.configured DHCP on Sophos for eth4(vlan10)

Switch configuration:

I created VLAN10 and port1 is tagged and all other ports are untagged . VLAN1 Default and all ports are untagged.

Now i connect my Laptop to example : port 15 and wait IP from Sophos dhcp .But does not get IP automatically.
i go to Sophos web Interface and Change eth4 Interface configuration (drop down menu) to only Ethernet .
then my Laptop get automatically IP from Sophos DHCP Server.

only does not work if i use VLAN ID:10 on Sophos inteface configuration.

I am very bussy look at this Problem and i understood that HP 1820 does not work properly PORT Membership ,I THINK.
needs needsAuthor Commented:
oh sorry forgotten
your native vlan1 at eth1 is not connected to the switch ... correct?  YES CORRECT .

asg eth4 --->hp Switch 1820 port 1
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needs needsAuthor Commented:
may be do i Need after Interface configuration eth4 ,some RULES Need to work astaro dhcp with vlan 10 .

actually i just did unter Firewall rules ,eth4 vlan 10(Name is so)--->internetip4

i do some where a mistake i do not know where? this is the reason learning.
Dirk KotteSECommented:
you have to configure the access-port (port 15) at the switch with VLAN10 untragged.

du sprichst deutsch?
Auf dem Switch muss port 15 zum accessport gemacht werden und trotzdem VLAN10 zugewiesen (untagged).
Die UTM schubst ja Pakete in das VLAN10 und nur aus dem VLAN10 können diese auch wieder raus. dazu muß der port entweder getaggt auf VLAn10 horchen und getaggte pakete verstehen, oder ein Accessport (ungetaggter port für normale PC/Server) wird diesem VLAN zugeordnet.
Wie das genau auf einem "echten" HP aussieht kann ich nicht sagen.
Mit einem HP/Aruba Switch hab ich es schon gesehen.
needs needsAuthor Commented:
yessss ich spreche
needs needsAuthor Commented:
du hast Rech Dirk, Ich denke auch Access port aber denke HP 1820-24g Switch schafft das nicht .ich habe hier sehr alte eine hp Switch 3400cl teste heute abend mit den.
needs needsAuthor Commented:
verstehe ich Richtig."Auf dem Switch muss port 15 zum accessport gemacht werden und trotzdem VLAN10 zugewiesen (untagged)."

asg425-->hp 1820 port1( vlan 10 port 1 -tagged)    richtig?
mein Laptop -->hp 1820 port 15 ( vlan 10 port 15-tagged) richtig?
Dirk KotteSECommented:
fast ... der erste teil der letzten nachricht ist OK, aber der laptop muss an einen ungetaggten Port ...
asg425-->hp 1820 port1( vlan 10 port 1 -tagged)    richtig?
mein Laptop -->hp 1820 port 15 ( vlan 10 port 15-UNtagged) richtig?

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needs needsAuthor Commented:
ok vielen dank für die Hilfe. teste heute Abend

Lieber Dirk ,ich wünsche dir ein Schöne Tag .
needs needsAuthor Commented:
Super super super ,Thank you so much
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