i want to make exe file in visualfoxpro9 prg file. pl. help me.

Mukesh Jani
Mukesh Jani used Ask the Experts™
i want to make exe file in visualfoxpro9 prg file. pl. help me. so i can run exe file without foxpro application.
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Olaf DoschkeSoftware Developer

Please don't double post questions.
To run EXE file without FoxPro application is impossible because your application is incorporated in the EXE. But that's not your question most probably. To run the EXE without VFP 9 you need VFP 9 Run-time files. The minimum is following 4 files:

Place all above files + the EXE generated from your VFP Project to the same folder and everything should work.

More info: http://fox.wikis.com/wc.dll?Wiki~VFP9RuntimeFiles
You may download VFP 9 run-time files here: http://www.foxpert.com/download/runtime.html
Yes I understand sir, but I don't know what is the step for exe file. Pl give idea.
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Olaf DoschkeSoftware Developer

Look into the answer you got for your other question and please don't post questions twice:


Bye, Olaf.
In addition to following Olaf's good advice, you can also spend some time looking over the Free, On-line VFP tutorials at:
      Free Visual Foxpro Videos

Yes, these videos are for VFP6, but they are generally applicable to VFP9 as well.

Of particular interest to you might be the videos named:
The Project Manager
Building a Simple Application - Pt. 1
Building a Simple Application - Pt. 2
Building a Simple Application - Pt. 3
Building a Simple Application - Pt. 4
Building a Simple Application - Pt. 5
Building a Simple Application - Pt. 6

Good Luck


i am very gratefull to you for making exe file guide line. when i run exe file my screen setting (@..say.. get) change..pl. guide me.
Olaf DoschkeSoftware Developer
When you run legacy code in VFP9 you will have to deal with some incompatibilities. For example dependency on foxfont and VFP using GDI+ for its interfaces, this will look similar to legacy, but not 1:1, don't expect wonders, if you skip 7 versions of not changing your code, so this is not going to work out fine just doing nothing with your sources and simply using VFP9 as a compiler.

You can make some compatibility settings:

Open in new window

Just put that at the start of your prg, see if that already helps.

There are more compatibility settings VFP9 has, about report engine and sql engine, for example. I don't give these settings, as they won't play any role in legacy coding at all.

Bye, Olaf.
SET COMPATIBLE ON  is intended to ensure dBase IV compatibility and does not affect @ SAY/GETs previously running in FoxBase and/or in old FoxPro versions. To switch themes off is a good choice.

BUT you should avoid @ SAY/GETs in your applications at all.  Start using forms which you may design in the Form Designer (CREATE FORM command) much easier than screens using SAY/GETs.

Videos from the jrbblrd's link can show how to do it.
Olaf DoschkeSoftware Developer
OK, doesn't matter much about @SAY/GETs, but I expect SET COMPATIBLE at least to make some things compatible in regard to legacy code behavior overall.

I would also endorse new development, but if you only want to get your legacy code going, then this should get you forward already without needing any rewrites.

You can expect very low percentage of the VFP community of developers helping you with your legacy code, though, Mukesh Jani. Fox developers have moved to Winforms and not every fox developer started in the era of Fox Software. Some, like me, only used it as the visual development language (with visual form/class designers, controls, and OO) it became with Microsoft's development of the language.

You're perhaps even better off going for Clipper, Harbour, or FlagShip if you want to stay with legacy coding style. If you came to VFP9 because you can't install you FP2.6 for Windows anymore, you'll have a hard time getting things working, documentation about legacy commands are just pointing to new ways of programming.

Even if you're willing to move, you hardly will be able to gradually move to the usage of WinForms. You skipped too many transformations of the language and its UI to have a smooth transition.

Bye, Olaf.
All old FoxPro legacy commands are described in the latest VFP 9 help which is freely available on https://vfpx.github.io/projects/.

And I am saying it again the SET COMPATIBLE ON  is worth when your original code was designed for dBASE IV. If you are porting FoxBase/FoxPro 2.x code then you have to use SET COMPATIBLE OFF.
Olaf DoschkeSoftware Developer
OK, you know that better than me. I also didn't realize the communities VFP help was advanced with documentation of legacy commands.

If COMPATIBLE isn't anything to use, I wonder what else I remember, I can only think of ENGINEBEHAVIOR (SQL) and REPORTBEHAVIOR (FRX), but both won't play a role here. Themes are very well known to interfere with legacy masks and inputs to hide, a usual description is the UI only becomes visible when you hover over it with the mouse, so _screen.themes=.F. should be the major concern to get that off.

In the end, you only have the main window with your legacy screens running. Things will likely be several pixels off and look odd, a bit just like emulated old games look odd on a modern Windows. Well, form follows function. Hold that high and you might be happy with the result.

Bye, Olaf.
The @SAY/GET position is highly dependent on the font used. If we are talking about FoxPro/DOS which is possible to recognize by integer coordinates then VFP uses FoxFont automatically and this font must be installed in the OS.

If coordinates contain fractions then the original code was created in FoxPro for Windows and the font could be in the @ SAY/GET command directly.

Once some font substitution happens the text position can shift. It would be useful to see some screen shot.
I tried set compatible on , _screen.themes=.F. but no effect of screen , so as per your guide i  would try for create from command then i will check...
Hi Mukesh Jani,

did you solve the problem with @say/get already? Did you create a form in VFP?  We would like to know some news from you.

Even when similar question exists answers to this one provide more info.

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