installing LAMP on Ubutnu server under root?

I just built a new Ubuntu 16.4 server and I want to install some software. The software is called MOODLE. It requires PHP, MySQL and Apache.

If I do the entire install under root am I in for trouble? If yes, what kind of trouble? Is it a file ownership trouble?
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Moodle is safe - don't worry about that.

Even if you install the LAMP pieces as root, they each run under different accounts by default.
Please clarify your question.
Apt-get httpd php mysql|mariadb

Httpd/Apache runs under (nobody) Apache or httpd account, limited rights.
Php scripts inherit the rights based on the web server.
MySQL or mariadb will run under a limited user mysql....
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
If I do the entire install under root am I in for trouble?

You haven't really got a choice.  Only a superuser can install software, and it doesn't much matter if it's root or some other superuser; the dangers are pretty much the same.

I've never heard of this particular software before, though, so I would want a full image backup of the system before attempting this install.  Just in case.
sqlagent007Author Commented:
Thanks experts!!!
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