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I need to create some videos using my Logitech Webcam, but I don't know what software to use.  Can you recommend a program that will enable me to record videos from my computer's webcam?  Thanks,  Phil
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Andrew LeniartSenior EditorCommented:
Hi Phil,

There is a multitude of software packages available for this purpose.  You should have gotten software with your Logitech Webcam which will enable you to do what you need. Check here for downloads available for your Logitech device:

There are also OS built in software programs in both Windows and Mac computers that will also allow you to record your own video's.

Please specify your Operating System and Version as well as your Logitech Device Model Number for more detailed help.


Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
this is included in Windows 10 with the camera app:
How to use the Camera app in Windows 10 with your webcam
TUTORIAL by Codrut Neagu published on 05/17/2017

Many modern devices with Windows include a webcam and, to use it, you need an app that helps you take pictures, record videos or stream video while video chatting. For this purpose, Microsoft has built an app called Camera, which is available by default in Windows 10. In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about using it: how to start it, how to take pictures and record videos, how to set the brightness and other parameters, and how to configure the way the Camera app works. There’s plenty of ground to cover so let’s get started:
philsimmonsAuthor Commented:
Thanks a million.
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