Active but idle RDP sessions policy through GPO for selected domain users

I had this question after viewing Windows 2012 auto logoff after 5 minutes of being idle.

I have deployed this GPO to log off active but idle RDP sessions and configured required settings  in Group Policy Editor->User Configuration->Administrative Templates->Windows Components->Remote Desktop Services->Remote Desktop Session Host->Session Time Limits, enabled Set time Limit for Active but Idle Remote Desktop Sessions Services with 15 minutes and End session when time Limit are reached. Also added one test domain user and a domain Computer in security filtering for testing the policy.
But the problem I am facing is, it logs off other users also who are logged-in to this particular computer not added in Security filtering option of the GPO from RDP sessions after 15 minutes time limit.
I want to enable the policy only for users who members of a particular group in our domain and to all users.
Any suggestions please.

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THIRTHAPRASAD SGConnect With a Mentor IT HeadAuthor Commented:
I have set the policy right by adding the particular Users Group and domain\computers object and deployed it.
It's working fine.
Check the security filtering make sure it does not have authenticated_user but rather has the security group to whom it applies.
THIRTHAPRASAD SGIT HeadAuthor Commented:
I was looking in the issue for last few days and found the correctly working settings with enhanced research and trials.
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