My PC periodically jumps into power save screen mode.

My PC periodically jumps into power save screen mode. Can be when using the machine – or one can find it frozen after a sleep. It’s infrequent – not every day. Only way out is to reboot.
Win 10 64 bit, Intel i7 3770, Motherboard Gigabyte GAZ77M; Dual Monitors
Seems to have started sometime after replacing the original Nvidia Geoforce GT630 with a new 2048MB ATI Radeon RX 550 Series (Gigabyte). But not immediately.
Running updated with latest Win 10 Pro 64 bit updates and updated Radeon drivers.
Any help appreciated.


Screen - after 15 minutes
Sleep - never


Operating System
      Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
      Intel Core i7 3770 @ 3.40GHz      52 °C
      Ivy Bridge 22nm Technology
      16.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 667MHz (9-9-9-24)
      Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. Z77M-D3H-MVP (Intel Core i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz)      28 °C
      DELL2407WFPHC (1920x1200@60Hz)
      2450W (1920x1080@59Hz)
      2048MB ATI Radeon RX 550 Series (Gigabyte)      46 °C
      3726GB Western Digital WDC WD4003FZEX-00Z4SA0 (SATA)      42 °C
      476GB Samsung SSD 850 PRO 512GB (SSD)      36 °C
      1863GB Western Digital WD Ext HDD 1021 USB Device (USB (SATA))      42 °C
      3726GB Seagate Expansion Desk SCSI Disk Device (USB (SATA))      41 °C
Optical Drives
      HL-DT-ST BD-RE BH16NS55
      VIA HD Audio(Win 10)
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Rob KnightConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:

Do you mean the screen goes.blank?

This could be a faulting video card driver - have you fully removed the Nvidia driver and utilities before installing the AMD drivers?

I have seen conflicts between these 2 in the past.
Andrew LeniartSenior EditorCommented:
Check the Power Plan settings in Windows 10.

  1. Press Windows Key
  2. Type Power & Sleep settings
  3. Press Enter (or click top result)
  4. Click Additional Power Settings
  5. Check your settings in "Change Plan Settings" as shown below, or select a different power plan.

Screen Capture
Hope that's helpful.

nrmwbrookAuthor Commented:
RobMobility - both screens go into power save mode and screens go blank. I would expect this if the system is left alone but not while using the computer in the middle of email or web browsing. I didn't install the card myself so probably should check for Nvidia software.

Andrew - it's on a Samsung SSD power plan (as opposed to balanced plan).  Anyway is set to 15 mins for display and Never for computer to sleep. I hadn't noticed but that SSD has been there for over a year.
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Hello ThereSystem AdministratorCommented:
Power the PC off
Unplug the graphics card from MB slot
Plug it back
Install correct drivers
Set power mode to High Performance
Power on the PC
.. it helped me once.
Andrew LeniartSenior EditorCommented:
This looks like a DELL machine - correct?

If your "ATI Radeon RX 550 Series (Gigabyte)" card was installed by Dell, I'd first make sure that they don't have machine specific drivers for the computer.

Go here:

Enter your Service Tag (or click Detect PC) and see if there are specific drivers for that card from Dell.  If not, then check card manufacturer's website for drivers.
Hello ThereSystem AdministratorCommented:
Or just unplug the computer from the wall. Hold the power button for 10 seconds or so. Plug the computer back on. Turn it on again.
nrmwbrookAuthor Commented:
Andrew - It's a custom machine - not a Dell

HAve uninstalled Nvidia software and drivers and installing an incremental release in the Radeon driver.
Andrew LeniartSenior EditorCommented:
Ah, yes, the DELL2407WFPHC refers to the monitor. My mistake.

HAve uninstalled Nvidia software and drivers and installing an incremental release in the Radeon driver
Good idea.  That may resolve it.

I hadn't noticed but that SSD has been there for over a year

That's fine. You should get a heck of a lot more use out of it than a year.  Doubtful that's the problem.
nrmwbrookAuthor Commented:
Given the issue is intermittent - I will have to see if removing the Nvidia drivers helps. Will give it 48 hours and report back.
try updating all drivers for the motherboard
also - verify the software for your video card is the latest version  -and that for the old one is uninstalled
nrmwbrookAuthor Commented:
Thanks Rob - deleting the old NVIDIA drivers seems to have indeed worked.
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