Mapping the Home drives and shared drives to microsoft one drive.


We are a school and will be migrating our Exchange 2007 mail server by another 5-6 Months to Office 365.
I read some articles that if we migrate to office 365, we will be able to map the home drives of staff and students to one drive which comes with office 365.
Also we have a shared drives where staff uses and the total size of the shared drive is 2TB (Sits on Windows 2012 file server)
Will I be able to map this 2TB shared drive to one drive for the staff.

Any help and suggestions will be great.
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Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
Dont. ODFB is not designed to be used as replacement for a file server, and you will run into different issues if you try to use it as such. Including issues with mapped drives. If you insist on going that route, there are some (free) tools that can make the process less painful:
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