Can you run IIS and Apache Tomcat on separate servers?

I need to have IIS on one server and Apache Tomcat on a separate server.   Can this happen?  I have seen many pieces of how to set them up on the same server.  I need to have the IIS server send requests to the Tomcat server and then have IIS serve the requests up from Tomcat.  How would one set this up?
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art leeCommented:
make a redirect in apache to iis
VSACITAuthor Commented:
ok I see how you use the ISAPI to facilitate this but what if you need to have IIS on one server in a DMZ while your tomcat server outside the DMZ is on another server?  How do you set up IIS server with the dll and necessary engine to route the traffic to Apache?
VSACITAuthor Commented:
Thank you I figured it out.  I set up the IIS server like the documentation says.  I had to create a basic worker file to send requests to the Apache server.
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