Outlook Autoconfigure not working for Mailbox Created in O365

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We have a hybrid Exchange Online/Exchange 2013 environment.  We had a new user start with the company and licensed her in O365; this created a mailbox in Exchange Online for her.  However, the on-premise 2013 server is not aware of this mailbox.  When you try to configure Outlook, it does not auto configure, nor are we able to manually configure her account.

Here are my questions:
- How do we get her mailbox to show on the on-premise server as an O365 mailbox (like our migrated mailboxes already do)?  
- Will this fix the autoconfigure issue in Outlook 2013?
- What is the correct procedure to create a new mailbox in Exchange Online while we still have our on-premise server (it will be phased out in a few months)?

Thank you in advance.
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In a hybrid configuration the user must be created on premise.  When you create the mailbox you can specify that the mailbox is to be located in the cloud.  

Here is a good writeup that should get you started:  https://www.agileit.com/news/office-365-mailbox-hybrid-configuration/

If your autodiscover is pointed to your on-premise server and the account does not exist on that server then autodiscover will fail.  Create the account locally and it should solve your problem.

1. Make sure that the account is not created as a cloud only account. You can check this on the Office 365 portal on users search and see if this account shows as In Cloud account or a Synchronized account.

2. In a hybrid case, you will created the account on-premise and let it synchronized via AAD connect in the Azure AD. Once the account is synced and visible in the Office 365 tenant, You would than license it appropriately with Exchange online license to provision a mailbox.


YMartin, this is exactly what I needed.  Thank you so much for your help!

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