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We have a single user from one of our clients, when she gets some internal emails, instead of the subject, it shows a file location.  We have rebuilt the profile, uninstalled/reinstalled Office, but can find no cause for this. Thoughts?example of error. note the file location is for a different user, not the one using Outlook
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Can you send a screen shot?


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Hi Yardstick,

FYI: You have to do a better job of redacting...I could read all of the "redactions" so I further redacted it for you and replaced the image.

This is user error and is not the Subject line but rather the body of the first line of the email in preview mode. The Subject line is as follows for the questionable emails:
• FW: Invoice from Supply Source
• Finance Meeting
• FW: Progress Claim 000013.0 - [Approved]

Who is the user yttech? They drag/dropped or copy/pasted or linked the file incorrectly from a local temp file instead of attaching it as an attachment. User training will fix this!

Let me know if you have any other questions!


BlueStreet, thank you for fixing the redacting.

I've got some additional information regarding the issue at this point.  There are additional messages beyond what was visible in the screenshot, from internal and external senders.

"Yttech" is a maintenance account that was set up some time ago but doesn't have access to the user in question's mailbox.  The user isn't logging on with it and as far as I can determine Yttech doesn't have access to anything on that machine outside of its' own profile (not a local or domain admin).


A couple of more things:
If the messages are forwarded the problem essentially disappears.  Subject lines are normal, no <\\\\file: entries visible.
The user is the only person experiencing the problem.
The <\\\\file:  entries show up intermittently even with no file attached.

This is not something I've personally encountered before.

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