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Currently I have a formula: =IFERROR((C2)/(B2-F2-G2-H2-I2-J2),"")
A new requirement has been added, I now need to be able to count for D2 as well.
The problem is that if B2=1 and C2=1, I get 100% which is correct, but if I count D2 as well it will give me 50%. I need to be able do something will only count C2 or D2 but not both. B2 changes based on how many students.

B2 comes from: =COUNTIF('PTA Credential '!A:A,A2)
C2 comes from: =SUMPRODUCT((fm=Counts!A2)*(fm_0=1))
D2 comes from: =SUMPRODUCT((fm=Counts!A2)*(fm_1=1))

If I use:  =IFERROR((C2+D2)/(B2-F2-G2-H2-I2-J2),"") instead of 100% it will be 200% which cant be with only 2 students

I'm in over my head on this. It's probably simple, but I havent worked on Excel for a good while.
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NorieAnalyst Assistant Commented:
What criteria can be used to determine whether to use C2 or D2?
LazarusAuthor Commented:
On the First Sheet (PTA Credential) in the attached sheet, C2 and D2 come from the array based on Columns O and P. The next sheet (Counts) take that info and aggregates those into an overall count.
NorieAnalyst Assistant Commented:
You say want to use either C2 or D2, how would it be determined which to use?

Is there some criteria/logic for that?
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LazarusAuthor Commented:
That is the issue, both can be used for a total of 2, but the formula should can only count it as if its 1. Either/Or but not both. Does that make sense to you?
LazarusAuthor Commented:
The amount of students in the array varies. So if there a 30 students, some may have O2 or P2 or both set as 1on the 1st sheet . The count on the 2nd sheet (COUNTS) - S2  "=IFERROR((C3+D3)/(B3-F3-G3-H3-I3-J3),"") "  should only ever be a max of 100%. That is were the formula comes in. I neglected that in the original write-up.
NorieAnalyst Assistant Commented:
It makes sense to only use one but I don't see any way of determining which one to use.

Is there any logic/reason why one would be used over the other?
LazarusAuthor Commented:
Yes, They both have to be counted but only one is used for the count its an Either/Or issue.
Rob HensonFinance AnalystCommented:
How about using the MIN function?


If C2 and D2 are blank then result of C2 + D2 is zero so MIN options will be zero and 1, result will be 0
If either C2 or D2 are 1 then result of C2 + D2 is 1 so MIN options are both 1, result will be 1
If both C2 and D2 are 1 then result of C2 + D2 is 2 but MIN options are 1 and 2, result will be 1

Hope that helps.

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LazarusAuthor Commented:
Thank you, I had not even thought to use MIN. This is what I used "=IFERROR(MIN(1,C2+D2)/(B2-F2-G2-H2-I2-J2),"") " and that seems to work well for my issue.
LazarusAuthor Commented:
Opps, doesnt work after all. I need some adjustment.  I'll try to reopen.
The formula, does not account for students B2 that do not have a count in them. B2, is derived from this: "=COUNTIF('PTA Credential '!A:A,A2)"
LazarusAuthor Commented:
I was able to figure it all out and get it working. I had to use more Arrays and utilized the MIN to help with those. I've attached the Spreadsheet if you want to see what was done. Thanks for your help
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