How do I move my saved Thunderbird profile and emails into Thunderbird on another computer?

I am almost finished "rebuilding" and reinstalling the programs I had on a Windows 7 computer onto another computer running Windows 7. Just about everything has gone smoothly. I saved my Thunderbird profile, and I think Thunderbird saved my emails and other related data which I would like to restore on the new computer. I see some file with odd numbers which may be the Thunderbird profiles folder, assigned that name by Thunderbird.

I have looked at the explanation of "Moving Thunderbird Data to a New Computer" on the Thunderbird website, and have to say that I simply do not understand much of ANYTHING they are telling me to do. I have tried to follow these instructions and it seems that what they say and what I see are two very different things.

What I want to do doesn't appear to be a terribly difficult thing, but I am honestly lost at trying to dope out what I should REALLY do. I get the sense that it's supposed to be simple, but it also reminds me of that old joke of asking an engineer "What time is it?" and he starts telling you how to build a clock.

So, experts, in asking you for help, I'd like you to pretend that I am able to open folders and do the most elementary of computer tasks, maybe just one step above having to be told where the "g" key is on the keyboard. Perhaps "total dummy but not entirely hopeless" would be a good picture of me from which you can guide me to get this rectified.

By the way, why "high" priority? Because I've tried to fix this off and on for three days now and I'm getting to the point where a reasonable solution is starting to appear like throwing the computer off the roof, being careful to make sure it hits the concrete below.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Try this Thunderbird document.

1. Open Thunderbird to find the location of your profile
2. Close Thunderbird and use Windows to copy this profile folder to the other computer. You should have at least opened Thunderbird on the new computer and so copy to this new profile location.

When I set up email on a new computer, I do it at a time when I am not expecting any email. That allows you to completely set up and the copy the old profile into here.

Do NOT delete anything from the old computer in case you have to retrace your steps.

Follow the other points, but I think these are the basic two points.

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that's the document you need that John posted
if you need help with any step, jus ask, and i'm sure the experts here will support you
RadioGeorgeOwner/ProgrammerAuthor Commented:
John, thanks for your reply, which did the trick! It was NOT looking at the document you suggested, however! It was what I gleaned from the way your reply was put together.

I knew where the profile location was on the "new" computer. It was some strangely named file, something like 2gaytey or whatever, in a FILE named "Profile." So I looked into the "old" computer on to which I had copied everything before doing the system restore on the "new" one. I used AgentRansack to find the Profiles folder there, and spotted the SAME strangely-named file in it!

Copied that one onto a jump drive, changed the name on the one in the "new" computer and then pasted the one from the "old" drive...and problem solved!

Sometimes I am amazed at how the solutions offered on Experts Exchange lead to the solution to a problem, but not quite he way the expert intended! But if it works, that's what it's all about!
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Thank you for the update and I was happy to help
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