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Is it possible to check service under services.msc is started using Powershell, batch?

If yes can i automatic start using the Powershell or batch.
Nandha Kumar BAsked:
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Bill PrewConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Batch script example from here shown below.

SET SvcName=ServiceName
SC QUERYEX "%SvcName%" | FIND "STATE" | FIND /v "RUNNING" > NUL && (
    ECHO %SvcName% is not running 
    ECHO START %SvcName%
    NET START "%SvcName%" > NUL || (
        ECHO "%SvcName%" wont start 
        EXIT /B 1
    ECHO "%SvcName%" is started
    EXIT /B 0
) || (
    ECHO "%SvcName%" is running
    EXIT /B 0

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Powershell "properly", using the service's short name:
Get-Service BITS | ? {$_.Status -ne 'Running'} | Start-Service

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Using the service's display name:
Get-Service -DisplayName 'Background Intelligent Transfer Service' | ? {$_.Status -ne 'Running'} | Start-Service

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Since PowerShell doesn't care whether the service is already running, you can just leave out all the unnecessary stuff:
Start-Service BITS

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Start-Service -DisplayName 'Background Intelligent Transfer Service'

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Nandha Kumar BAuthor Commented:
Thank you it is working as expected
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