Sending Excel from SQL


BAsed an online search, here is my code to get the result from a query to an Excel. This Excel will be attached to an email. I am sure the email part works well. Here is the code and the error.

I know my code has some missing parts, but I am trying to get the email out first then worry about the format. thanks
declare @qry varchar(8000)
declare @column1name varchar(90)

-- Create the column name with the instrucation in a variable
SET @Column1Name = '[sep=,' + CHAR(13) + CHAR(10) + 'CMID]'
-- Create the query, concatenating the column name as an alias
select @qry='set nocount on;select ID ,name from table1'
-- Send the e-mail with the query results in attach
exec msdb.dbo.sp_send_dbmail 

@profile_name = 'PDN',
@subject = 'Daily Report',
@body = 'Hello, how are you?',
@attach_query_result_as_file = 1,
@query_attachment_filename = 'result.csv',
@query_result_separator=',',@query_result_width =32767,

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Msg 22050, Level 16, State 1, Line 0
Failed to initialize sqlcmd library with error number -2147467259.

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Máté FarkasDatabase Developer and AdministratorCommented:
You have to include your database name in the @query parameter of sp_send_dbmail because it runs on msdb by default.

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Mark WillsTopic AdvisorCommented:
OK, let's take a step back...

try changing the select @qry line:
select @qry='select ''A'' as COLA, ''Description'' as COLB '

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then run the query.

Have you been able to send any messages via dbmail (even a simple 'hello world') ?

Then we can add in 'use [yourdb]; set nocount on; ' as the first part of @qry and try again with the same select in @qry
ste5anSenior DeveloperCommented:
As a 'Daily Report' it should run as SQL Agent job. Thus create a stored procedure with your batch. When it works, then create either a SQL Agent job directly or use a maintainance plan to schedule it.
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mcrmgAuthor Commented:
@Mark Wills,

Yes, I was able to receive an email. Please see attached file. thanks
Mark WillsTopic AdvisorCommented:
Very good.

We can now try the subsequent test, using the query itself. Now, if there is anything wrong with the query, db_mail is likely to have a dummy spit and complain.

So, always test your query first.

As Máté Farkas said in his post above, you need to be in the right place to execute the query. We can do that in one or two ways. Either set your DB location, or, specify it in the select.

select @qry='set nocount on;select ID ,name from mydb..table1'

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Or :
select @qry='use [mydb]; set nocount on;select ID ,name from table1'

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where "mydb" is the database which has table1. And it assumes a default schema of "dbo"
ie select ID ,name from mydb.dbo.table1
mcrmgAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much..working now..
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