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Need to update our intranet. Just a site with 20 pages of pictures and links. Its all internal on a Server 2008r2 box. They used a old copy of dreamweaver to update it. With the new updates of pictures and formats showing links using dreamweaver is not working out. Just trying to get things centered and having the pics fill the background and so.

Is there an easy html software for this? One that is not going to require downloading plugin's and so on. Just straight html that can be uploaded to the server after creating. Simple easy!
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
Would have been better if they just used a generic html editor.  I can still remember having to recode sites that used frontpage extensions and it was painful
Ryan ChongBusiness Systems Analyst , ex-Senior Application EngineerCommented:
Dreamweaver should be easy enough to manage your Site web pages including mass editing of codes.

With the new updates of pictures and formats showing links using dreamweaver is not working out. Just trying to get things centered and having the pics fill the background and so.
there could be many reasons why your web page now become broken. is the web pages redesigned or just change of pictures and links?

try go to your favorite Web browser's Inspect tool to debug your page and see what's the issues.
SystemsystemAuthor Commented:
there has got to be an easier program. I dont have time to relearn code. Going to start over with a new site. Dont want to have to do code. Download the new Dreamweaver is not working out to do this. Its taking me to long to learn this program. I know of many online site creators but these wont work for a simple intranet.

There has got to be something out there I am missing that is far easier.
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Steve BinkCommented:
To paraphrase a truism from modern production, there is efficiency, effectiveness, and ease-of-use.  Choose two.

Efficiency + Ease-of-use: You can easily and quickly create very poor code.  This is the realm of Dreamweaver, FrontPage, and newbie devs.  Your contemporary peers will mock you, and your successors will curse your lineage.

Effectiveness + Ease-of-use: You can easily create good code, but it takes time to get things done.  Sort of like development based solely on copy-paste from SO, or frankenstein development using third-party libraries.

Efficiency + Effectiveness: You can create good code quickly, but there will be a learning curve.  This is the closest to standard web development, and the route I recommend for anyone with a serious desire to become a webdev.  This is where you install a piece/suite of software to serve as your dev environment, learn it as thoroughly as possible, and use it to create standards-driven code.  Your children will love you, and the entire room will stand and slow-clap.

The hidden bonus is that if you take the time to learn a piece of software, that's a one-time entrance fee.  You are almost always better off in the long run for making that investment.

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greetings  Systemsystem, , You may want to ask a more specific question here at EE , like
   "What is a good WYSIWYG web page editor"

there are several "popular" WYSIWYG web page editors like DreamWeaver, FrountPage, and KompoZer, CoffeeCup, and others, But they all require you to learn how to use them, and now there is the added WEB factor of "Responsive" pages, making auto web page coders more complex.

One you may look at is WebSite X5 at -

I do web page coding, so I do not like any  WYSIWYG because of the limits in design they all have. So I can not recommend any because I use them. You can do a web search for  WYSIWYG web page editor, or ask here at EE
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